• Hotel reservation for short time stay
  • Effective communication with the expats to understand their expectations for accommodation
  • Make suggestions based on the expats lifestyle and budget
  • Apartment hunt in your preferred area
  • Arrange apartment visit (3-4 places in half-a-day)
  • Possibility of payment in EU (transfer to our bank account in Germany)
  • Support in making contract with the landlord
  • To furnish the apartment if it is rented un-furnished
  • To provide internet contract for the rental place


Settlement Services

  • Opening bank account
  • University degree’s accreditation
  • Support for move-in into the flat and move-out day
  • Support for buying furniture based on expats’ needs if necessary
  • Support for buying cellular line and data (3G, 4G)
  • Support in handling formalities
  • Consultation services for public and private transport
  • Chauffeur for duration of stay (fulltime or based on expats’ needs)
  • Consultation for cultural and linguistic challenges


Intercultural Training

  • Consultation for cultural and linguistic challenges
  • Getting to know the neighborhood
  • Organization of language courses
  • Iranian business culture
  • Support for family integration
  • School registration for children