Irana Consulting offers the following services to the European Companies who are willing to extend their market into Iran.

  1. To perform market study on demand.
  2. Consulting about market entry strategy.
  3. Market entry services like registrations, opening an office, building a factory, etc.
  4. localization of products and services for the Iranian market.
  5. Consulting about marketing, sales, distribution of your products in Iran.
  6. Creating business leads in Iran and facilitating business negotiations.
  7. To provide legal advice to our customers concerning their business in Iran.
  8. Design necessary training and workshops concerning Iranian business culture.
  9. Facilitate their participation in the international technology expositions in Iran.
  10. Translating business texts to Persian. (from English, German and French).

We offer similar services to the Iranian companies who want to enter Europe, with a focus on Germany and France. Please find bellow a list of our services to the Iranian businesses:

  1. Market entry consulting
  2. Rules, regulations and standards that apply to your industry in the destination market
  3. Perform tailored market study
  4. Registration of your business in the destination market
  5. Opening an office in the destination market
  6. Localization of your product, packaging, marketing and sales

For more information about our relocation services, please check the Relocation page.


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