With an in-depth knowledge of the Iranian and European market, our international business consultants support our customers during their market entry process into their destination markets.

  • Market-Entry consulting
  • Market study
  • Identify business partner
  • Sales-preparation consulting
  • Strategic partner management

We provide an initial consulting about the available possible ways to enter your destination market, considering the legal limitations, market characteristics and the international sanctions. Then through performing a tailored market study we come up with the concrete suggestions that fit the best your business and the destination market.

In the next step, we identify the local potential partners for your business and assess them based on the proper criteria. Then we help your organization to be prepared for negotiation with the potential partners, we call this sales-preparation consulting. We initiate the contact with the potential partners and support you in your business negotiations to reach your goals and make a final deal with your local partner.

We will be happy to perform as your strategic partner manager and to make sure that your relationship with your business partner develops smoothly.