Irana Academy organizes training, workshops, seminars and degree programs in Iran and Germany to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer.

For European Customers

  1. Events:
    • Organize industrial tours for German managers in Iran.
    • Facilitate participation in International Trade exhibitions in Iran.
  2. Talks on the following topics:
    • An overview of business opportunities in Iran
    • Iranian business culture
    • Renewable energies in Iran
    • Overview of automobile industry in Iran

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For Iranian Customers 

  1. In Iran:
    • Introduce best class degree programs of European business schools and facilitate application and participation of Iranian Managers.
    • Organize Seminars and Conferences in Iran, in partnership with University of Tehran and German universities.
    • Organize executive degree programs in Iran with cooperation of German universities and University of Tehran.
  2. In Germany:
    • Organize summers schools for in Germany in cooperation with German universities and industries.
    • Organize industrial tours in Germany in cooperation with German industries.[/column-half-1]

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